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Long-Term Sustainability (LTS) of Research Infrastructures (RI)


CESAER input into the debate on LTS RI feeding into the preparation and adoption of a dedicated action plan called upon by the Competitiveness Council on 26th May 2016.

  • The conclusions from the consultation on LTS RI by the European Commission (EC) demonstrate that the European Research Area (ERA) is not only about implementation at national level. We welcome the call for an action plan from the Competitiveness Council and call upon the EU to embed its preparation, adoption and implementation in the broader context of the realisation of the ERA.
  • Fulfilling different roles, universities of science and technology are key and indispensable for ensuring scientific excellence of RI, unlocking the innovation potential of RI, delivering impact by RI and reaching out to society in creating acceptance for RI. We thus consider ourselves as key stakeholders in safeguarding the LTS RI. Establishing institutional RI roadmaps outlining the policies for RI development, operation and use of universities feeding into regional, national, European and global RI roadmaps might be a promising way forward.
  • LTS RI is at the core of our vital interests. We underline the importance of transparent road mapping, RI funding instruments and cost calculations and plea for a considerate and balanced approach between ensuring basic provider-driven infrastructure on the one side and eligibility of access costs in principal investigator-driven and competitive research grants on the other.
  • The current open data policies have to become more specific concerning the different scientific domains, responsibilities among stakeholders (RI, universities, funding agencies, national RI for e-infrastructure, researchers, business, industry and public services), services and costs. More coherence and consistency between the RI is needed concerning FAIR and secure data schemes in this respect.
  • We endorse the definitions, principles and guidelines in the European Charter for Access to Research Infrastructures and encourage its application for all RI.
  • We encourage the EU to develop a Sectoral Qualifications Framework (SQF) for RI staff and to establish a dedicated scheme linking mentors/tutors to young talent.
  • We urge national governments to transmit political support into financial commitments early on.
  • We need to promote a fundamental and conceptual understanding of knowledge within society and to unite people around thought.

Read the full statement Statement on Long-Term Sustainability (LTS) of Research Infrastructures (RI)

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