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Introductory remark on CESAER task force and projects

CESAER Task Forces are being designed to provide members with opportunities to learn, to be more involved and to contribute to the knowledge and best practices in their areas of special interest. Next to this their focus is also partly defined by CESAER’s partnership with the European Commission and our commitments to contribute to the realisation of the European Research Area (ERA). More generally, the Task Forces aim to provide input and take positions regarding the developments of education, research and innovation policies and programmes at European level.


08/12/2016TF EU Funding Instruments
The Task Force Entrepreneurship is concerned with Education and Institutional Strategy with a view to prepare the future graduates for a learning society and provide them with the relevant skills and competencies, especially entrepreneurial and leadership skills, to foster the creation of new ideas and turn them into innovative products, services, processes and policies including the start-up of new innovative companies.
11/05/2016Human Resources
The aim is to identify, highlight and disseminate best practice throughout the CESAER network for the benefit of all member universities.
05/05/2016Technology Transfer

CESAER's Task Force on Technology Transfer looks at the services and working methods of universities of science and technology, building bridges between science and industry in order to transfer knowledge and technologies to society and the marketplace. Universities' Tech Transfer Offices or valorisation centres deal with valorisation, knowledge exchange, intellectual property rights, creating spin-off companies, etc. 

10/11/2015Open Education

Open Education has been a common issue in higher education since decades, but it wasn’t since ICT raised when it has become a hot topic on the university arena. Technology is becoming a facilitator to widen access to higher education. The irruption of Massive Open Online Courses, known as MOOCs, has made a change on how people can access  high quality content. How can this be linked with traditional teaching? How can we improve the students residential experience by means of open education? Is open education a way to reduce the cost of the system? How can you make open education sustainable in a context of resources scarcity? Are our expectations on open education too high?

30/10/2015Open Science
The work of this Task Force is done in the context of the Unilateral Statement that CESAER and partners have signed with the European Commission to contribute in developing the European Research Area.
15/10/2015Innovative Doctoral Training (IDT)
CESAER has set up a working group on Innovative Doctoral Training (IDT) together with CLUSTER, EuroTech, IDEA League and Nordic Five Tech. This working group has derived from the meetings of the secretary generals/coordinators of these partner networks.
08/10/2015Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)
The Task Force Responsible Research and Innovation is chaired by Prof. Jeroen van den Hoven, TU Delft. The overall goal of the taskforce is to deepen our understanding of responsible innovation and contribute to inserting this idea in key places in society (universities, government bodies, industry, and funding agencies).
The roles of CESAER in the U-Multirank project.
01/01/2013CESAER as partner in former Thematic Networks
In January 2013 CESAER has confirmed its particpation in a new project, tentatively called “EUGENE Dissemination”, which is an initiative taken by the former members of the EUGENE Management Committee.
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